Hands on Dimensional Balayage Masterclass

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Calling all aspiring hairdressers and professional stylists! Learn from one of Miami’s Balayage specialist, ColourinChrystal.
Join Chrystal for a hands on Transformational Dimensional Balayage Class where you can engage with her directly throughout the day as she demonstrates the blueprint on how to create her signature dimensional balayage. Help take your clients to the Dream Blonde they’ve always wanted to achieve in one session!

Complete the afternoon with the Hands-On experience.  Now it's your turn to miMac the techniques learned on a mannequin head provided for you!  Chrystal will be available and present during this time to offer 1 on 1 help to any and all attendees. She will now be shadowing you! This is where we really unlock those “UH-HUH” moments!

Check-In 9:00 am
9:20 am - 9:45 am: Intro
9:45 am - 11 am: Sectioning, Application, and Re-saturation
11:30 am - 12:00 pm: Lunch
12:00 pm-2:00 pm Shadow root, Toner, Cut, and Style


2pm- 6pm (ish) Chrystal is now shadowing you while you get HANDS ON!

Now we are going to transition everything you’ve learned on to your Doll head (included). Chrystal would be hands-on, shadowing you as you present your Dimensional Balayage to her using the techniques you learned from watching her, now you get to apply them while she answers questions in real time!

Class Breakdown
• Sectioning
• Saturation
• Products that I use and why
• Utilizing an assistant vs. not using an assistant
• Personalizing color for your client
• Toning and formulating
• Time management
• Pricing (Charging by hour vs. charging by product usage.)
• Client Retention (building and making long-lasting relationships that are so much bigger than hair)
• Utilizing an assistant vs. not using an assistant
• How to crush your GOALS
• Social Media
• Styling: How to Beach Wave in depth

This Balayage Class is to provide live in depth education as well as hands on to put your new techniques to work! Chrystal looks forward to meeting you and helping you CRUSH your goals!